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We are excited to be launching our Aerial Attic Teacher training in association with XPERT Fitness.

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Active IQ NVQ level 2 in Mental Health Awareness


Studio Rigging Training

Active IQ NVQ level 2 in Mental Health Awareness

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Total cost is £150 including certificate, face to face and online learning.

Taught through part e-learning and one day face to face, this qualification will provide you with an understanding and awareness of mental health, common mental health disorders and issues, help reduce stigma and discrimination and encourage people to talk about mental health. It should also provide you with the ability to apply your knowledge of mental health through recognising and responding to the signs of mental ill health in yourself and others and be able to offer mental health first aid to people experiencing mental ill health.
Candidates will learn:

Mental Health Awareness
The definition of mental health
The mental health continuum
Outline stigma and discrimination in relation to mental ill health
Identify common misconceptions surrounding mental health
Describe the role of the media in the portrayal of mental health
Outline key statistical data in relation to mental health
Outline the duty of care
Identify the main signs and symptoms of common mental health disorders and mental health problems to include:
Anxiety disorders: stress, phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder
Eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia
Addiction and substance misuse
Identify common treatments and interventions used to manage mental health and mental ill health
Describe the main risk factors associated with mental ill health
Identify credible sources of information, support and guidance
Identify credible organisations offering support services
Identify appropriate responses that can be made to support someone with mental ill health

Mental Health First Aid
Recognise the signs of mental ill health
Provide initial help to a person experiencing mental ill health
Signpost appropriate sources of help
Escalate situations when a person may be at risk of harm to themselves or others
Promote good mental health
The course is assessed through e-assessments - written questions and case studies


On completion candidates will be awarded the Active IQ Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness

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Studio Rigging Training

Total Training are a renowned rigging company in the UK.

This One day rigging training session is perfect for studio owners, instructors and aerial enthusiasts who are looking to be able to understand the basics of rigging. Also for those looking to rig their own equipment. This is geared towards those who work or run studios. NOT for those within the entertainment industry.

Rigging Course For Aerialists
What to prepare for and check with a venue or site
Insurance and legal requirements for aerial work and equipment
Equipment inspection and keeping records
Simple forces in rigging
Gaining access to and creating anchor points
Good practice in rigging with karabiners, shackles and slings
Knots and ropework for rigging to create a safe system of work

Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and a fleece of similar warm jacket.
Trainers are the best footwear to use.
We will be using ladders and/or a scaffold tower to gain access to the rigging beams
which are at 3m and 5m from the floor. ‘Climbing access’ is also possible if desired.

The training will be lead by Chris Higgs who is the best in the business.

Dates Available:

Limited to 8 spaces per course.

Total cost £220 per person.
Held @ Aerial Attic Barnet UK